Home Remedies for Mosquito bites

Home Remedies for Mosquito bites, how to naturally, at home care, natural, bug bites, allergic, life is homemade

How to naturally relieve the itchy reaction from mosquito bites and prevent bites for next time!

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If you’re like most people you have gotten a mosquito or another bug bite at some point in your life. With the heat of the summer usually brings some rain and A LOT of mosquitos. You can try your best to stay inside but at some point, you’ll go out and be bitten. 

At one point or another, I am sure you have had at least one bite that’s turned into a welt or has been really red and itchy if you’re anything like me the mosquitos hunt for you. Sometimes you may even get one of those darn bloodsuckers in your home and then what? They feast on you and you’re left with the red itchy bumps all over.

I apparently attract these little blood-sucking jerks but I have some awesome home remedies for mosquito bites to battle the common allergic reaction caused by their venom. Not only do I know how to naturally relieve that itch but I’ve got some pretty good ways to keep them from bothering you ever again. 

What are some natural home remedies for mosquito bites?

Vinegar, yes I know it literally stinks but honestly it’s one of the most effective natural ways that have helped heal my mosquito bites. It does sting a bit at first especially if you have been scratching like all hell but I am willing to bet it will definitely help ease the itch on just about anyone. There are 2 ways you can apply it, use a cotton ball then pour some vinegar on it then apply to the skin or grab a small empty spray bottle fill it with vinegar and spray it on those pesky bug bites!

Home Remedies for Mosquito bites, how to naturally, at home care, natural, bug bites, allergic, life is homemade

Ice, yep ice is great at-home care for a lot of things including treating mosquito bites. It will numb the itch and keep inflammation down. I have found using a combination of vinegar and using an ice pack are extremely effective together.

Honey, yeah that sweet sticky stuff has antibacterial properties that help keep the bite from getting infected. Although it is effective I found it tough to use considering it’s so sticky but if you don’t mind being sticky try it out!

Salt, like honey salt, is antiseptic and is also anti-inflammatory, you can mix some salt with water to create a paste and apply it to the affected area. 

Bug Bite Thing, what is bug bite thing you ask? Bug bite thing draws out the venom from just about any bug bite. It is a plastic device that suctions the skin and sucks out the venom. It has two separate sizes within the device so you can use it for little bites or big welts. I personally didn’t believe this would work but it truly does. Aside from using vinegar and ice for my bites when I just can’t be bothered with the other remedies bug bite thing is my best friend!

Home Remedies for Mosquito bites, how to naturally, at home care, natural, bug bites, allergic, life is homemade

Keep in mind that not all of these home remedies for mosquito bites will work for everyone. I have listed the most effective ways that they help me and my family, I do believe one of the absolute most effective ways to naturally treat these pesky bites is bug bite thing. Most of my family was skeptical but it truly is awesome.

How do I keep mosquitos from biting me?

Dryer sheets, okay I know this is odd but it works. Apparently mosquitos find the scent in most dryer sheets to be offensive so they work extremely well. One summer we got a few of the bloodsuckers in our house and I didn’t want them coming near me so I put dryer sheets all around my bed and I didn’t get one bite. Now when I go out I will either hide one (maybe 2) on my person or just straight up rub it all over where my skin is out in the open. I have found dryer sheets to be one of the absolute best methods to keep them away.

Home Remedies for Mosquito bites, how to naturally, at home care, natural, bug bites, allergic, life is homemade

Mosquito bracelets, before I knew about dryer sheets my go-to was mosquito bracelets. They have a lot of different brands out there but I have used superband and bugables. Although they are effective I am not the biggest fan of citronella so I’d rather reaches for a couple of dryer sheets.

Essential Oils, there are a lot of essential oils that repel mosquitos I haven’t found oils to be as helpful but some I’ve used that have helped a little are eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, thyme, tea tree, and of course citronella. I have made bug sprays with a mixture of some of these oils with water but I just didn’t find them as effective as using dryer sheets.

Catnip, do you have a kitty? Its time they share their catnip with you! Spray it on your clothes and no bites will come your way! Well, maybe just some kitty bites! Researchers have found that catnip is about 10 times more effective than DEET!

I hope I’ve mentioned some new home remedies for mosquito bites that you haven’t heard of! Let me know in the comments what your favorite methods for mosquito bites and repelling them are!