Top 8 Laundry Tips And Tricks

8 great tips and tricks to help you tackle your laundry a little easier!

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Today I wanted to share my top tips and tricks on how you can tackle your laundry easier before it tackles you! My home is pretty tidy even though it is small but I do have a lack of space for a lot of items. As you’ve seen I have done a few product reviews specifically on items for organizing small spaces. One of the ways I keep my home neat is by keeping up with the annoying task of laundry.

Laundry, a never-ending cycle! I don’t love laundry but it has to be done. My home is 2 levels and of course, the builders put the laundry downstairs, far far away from the master bedroom where all of that lovely laundry comes from! If you have ever traipsed laundry up and down stairs you know how I feel, it sucks. Having the laundry in an undesirable spot makes you want to do the laundry even less! Laundry can get away from you sometimes (even me) and it is totally normal but that’s why I want to share these laundry tips and tricks. You may already be doing but some of these but there are other tips and tricks that I personally use which help me a lot!

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Have at least 2 hampers.

The reason you want to have 2 is that there are lights and darks. You DO NOT want to wash something red or dark-colored with something white or cream because the colors may run and then you may end up with really ugly laundry! I keep 1 hamper for my darks and 1 for my towels. I do not have much in light-colored clothing so I usually wash those with my delicates. It is also nice to have multiple hampers so you don’t have to sort your clothing later.

Laundry, Laundry Tips and Tricks, tackling laundry, organizing small spaces, top 8, life is homemade

Always keep stained, delicates, hand wash only, and dry clean only separate.

You definitely don’t want to have a huge load of laundry and wash it with delicates. There could be a piece of clothing that may get caught on your brand new beautiful delicate blouse and then you’ve ruined it because you didn’t read the care instructions. Don’t machine wash your hand wash only items, again you may damage the clothing. Dry clean only really does mean, DRY CLEAN ONLY. I made a few mistakes when I was younger and first started doing laundry, don’t make the dry clean only mistake.

Always check the tag before you wash!

Referring to the last tip, you should always check out the garment care instructions before washing. Sometimes it will say on the tag that the fabric color will run. When that is printed on the tag but it says machine wash I always throw in color catching sheets so the sheet can absorb the color and not tint the medium-colored garments, just in case!

Always have a laundry lingerie bag for smaller items!

Alright, I am guilty. A few months ago I washed a kimono robe in the washer with its sash. Unfortunately, the sash got caught underneath the drum of the machine and it was stuck. I didn’t want to damage the washer so I called someone. I am glad I did because he fixed it at no cost but he said always have a laundry bag for items that can slip through the drum and wrap around. Apparently that situation can void a warranty contract so definitely get yourself a laundry bag! I put my intimates as well as masks and sashes in the bag.


Keep stained/soiled clothes separate and don’t let the stain set!

If you have a stain try your best to take care of it right away, spray and wash is usually good for most stains, oxy clean I hear works wonders. I like peroxide for a lot of my stains or vinegar. For peroxide or vinegar poor a little on the stain and let it sit. Take a clean white towel and lightly rub the stain out with the towel. It may not all come out by hand so machine wash it. Check the once stained garment before adding it to the dryer, when the heat hits a stain it sets stains in more so make sure you got it out before you dry it.

Have a good clothing rack or two!

I have 2 free-standing clothes drying racks and I would say I probably air-dry more of my clothing than my husbands. I’ve noticed the clothing I buy tends to shrink more so if you are like me invest in a really good clothing rack!

Laundry, Laundry Tips and Tricks, tackling laundry, organizing small spaces, top 8, life is homemade

Take the clothes out of the dryer before wrinkles set in.

Following that, fold after you’ve removed from the dryer. Fold while watching tv or listening to music. I noticed I take care of laundry better when I’m preoccupied. It goes quicker and laundry really shouldn’t take long to fold and put away if you keep up with it. **Don’t forget to clean your lint trap!

My biggest tip, do not have too many baskets for clean clothes! 

Small families should have 1-2 baskets. I just do laundry for my husband and me so I only have 1 and there is a good reason. The more baskets you have the more likely you are to ignore it! If you know you have another basket you may ignore putting laundry away until it’s too late! I purposely want only 1 basket so I have no choice but to get it done. Otherwise, you may have a bunch of baskets with clean laundry hanging around your home. Do yourself a favor and have a minimal amount of baskets for clean clothes.

I hope you’ve found some of my laundry tips and tricks helpful!

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