Gift Ideas 2020

Gift Ideas 2020, gift ideas Christmas season, holiday season, holiday gifts, diys, hot buys

From hot buys to DIY’s we’ve got you covered this holiday season!

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Instead of my usual rotation for today’s post for a product review, I thought it was time to hop on the bandwagon and give you some wonderful gift ideas for 2020, whether you have a budget in mind or you just want to wow someone. Maybe you just want to do something heartfelt. Today I will share some DIY ideas and some hot buys for those of you with a little bit more to spend this holiday season!

Hot buys

Everyone has one person in their life who would love a new small kitchen appliance. 

I know so many people who haven’t bought an IP and so many people who want one! This year say I love you or appreciate you with an Instant Pot!

Maybe that special person isn’t into cooking, maybe more of a baker? Give them a Kitchen aid stand mixer! I absolutely love mine and use it a lot all through the Christmas season!!

If a stand mixer is too much dough maybe try a kitchen aid hand mixer! Nothing says it’s the holiday season without some baked goods!!

Not everyone wants kitchen appliances, I know some people would love a Roomba or other robot vacuum, I am not going to lie I don’t have one but I would love to have a Roomba one Christmas season! So if you know someone who likes to keep their home clean without lifting a finger don’t hesitate on one of these robot vacuums!

Okay so your loved one is more a gadget, smart home person? I have to say Ring and Alexa are both pretty awesome. I love that they are compatible together. 

A few years ago my husband bought Alexa for me even though I never said I wanted one. I am so glad he bought her because we do use her quite a bit! I use her a lot of kitchen timers, I ask her about the weather and allergies. We also enjoy playing games with her. One of my favorite things to use her for is making grocery lists! Whenever I am out of something I tell her and she’s got my back, don’t worry about forgetting items at the store anymore! She really is part of our home.

Besides having Alexa, after having her for a year my husband bought us Ring last year. Honestly, with all the crazy things going on in this world I think it is time for everyone to have Ring. I love that I can see what’s going on out my front door without opening it. We get some solicitors and it has definitely stopped me from having to answer the door. I love that if there is a package being delivered and it’s left on the porch I know I don’t have to worry about it being stolen since they would be on camera. Ring works amazing with Alexa, she alerts you when your doorbell rings so if you have a large home and an amazing echo dot in a faraway room you will not miss the doorbell!

I have mentioned in the past if there is one thing you know about me besides I love to bake, I am a germaphobe. That’s why I think everyone needs PhoneSoap. PhoneSoap is great regardless of who you are. Even my 10-year-old niece wants one. Checkout my PhoneSoap review for more information and product descriptions!

If you know someone who is religious about makeup and skincare I highly recommend a makeup brush cleaner! I absolutely love mine, never hurts to clean those makeup brushes to keep your skin clean and healthy! 

I hope some of these hot buys have helped you with your holiday gift selection!


Okay so either your budget isn’t great or you have a big heart and want to do something homemade. I have a few DIY gift ideas for this year. Some cute but inexpensive things to give out for a large number of people are everywhere. You probably have ingredients in your home and don’t even know it!!

Hot chocolate jars/gift bag mixes. Hot chocolate mixes are so easy to make up. They require minimal ingredients that you can premake into small bags or jars, tie a little ribbon and a note on how to make them and people will go nuts! Find a favorite on Pinterest!

If you are anything like me you know I am baking up a storm every holiday season! You can never go wrong with a bag, box, tin, or a tray of cookies. I mentioned in previous posts I make over 1,000 cookies every season. I love to give back to family, friends, and anyone I want to show some appreciation to. 

Gift Ideas 2020, gift ideas Christmas season, holiday season, holiday gifts, diys, hot buys

If you aren’t into cookies, maybe some homemade fudge, chocolates, brownies. 

If you have some friends who aren’t foodies, may I recommend homemade soap gift or homemade candles

I hope some of these DIY’s have helped you with your holiday gift selection!

Whatever you choose always remember it is the thought that counts!