PhoneSoap, The Best Electronic to Kill Germs.

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This electronic sanitizer is my top pick product to sanitize my phone and other small items.

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Today I wanted to share with all of you my absolute favorite gift I received this past Christmas. PhoneSoap will become the favorite electronic you never knew you wanted, especially now! If you are any normal person that doesn’t live under a rock you know that now with COVID-19 it’s as good of a time as any to sanitize your phone and other items. Now the particular item from PhoneSoap I am reviewing is for phones and other small items Phonesoap3 but their website has plenty of other items that are just as awesome, including the Phonesoap Pro this one can sanitize in 5 minutes and best for larger phones. There’s the PhoneSoap Wireless, the wireless charging version of the one I have. They also have one called PhoneSoap Go this one is cool because it does the normal PhoneSoap functions but can charge your phone on the go, basically like how a Mohpie works, so it is not completely cordless since it needs to be charged but can be used once charged like a Mophie but you get the added benefit of sanitizing. Then they have the PhoneSoap Home a larger version that can sanitize items like your iPad or small purse.

What is PhoneSoap?

PhoneSoap is an electronic that uses UV lights to sanitize your phone and other items. This particular company uses UV-C lights which happens to be the only UV light out of the 3 (A, B, C) that actually can kill germs. This company’s UV lights have a deadly effect on things found on everyday items such as your phone. 

Do you know most people never clean their phones? That’s disgusting because apparently some people’s phones are dirtier than toilet seats, and people put their faces up against this phone or worse eat while texting, GROSS!!! Do you know that PhoneSoap kills the pathogens, viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, and other germs found on common surfaces? Well now you do know. This product kills 99.9% of germs this truly is a germaphobe’s dream!

How Does it work?

Like most electronics PhoneSoap3 does need to be plugged in. Once it’s plugged in you can add a charging cord to it so you can clean and charge at the same time. Place your cell phone or other small items into the alcove close the PhoneSoap lid, you’ll notice the “lightning bolt” on the top is lit up, now wait for 10 minutes, viola your phone is free of harmful germs! You know your PhoneSoap is done when the little “lightning bolt” is not lit up anymore. Now you can relax that your phone or other items no longer have germs on them. 

Phone Soap, Electronic, Sanitize your Phone, Kill Germs, germaphobe, product, stay clean, PhoneSoap3

Why PhoneSoap?

Alright if you haven’t gotten the picture by now let’s go through a couple of scenarios shall we? 

Scenario 1: When people go to the restroom most bring their phones in for entertainment (usually at home), even if they don’t touch their phone after they’ve gone to the bathroom but say they put it on the counter in the bathroom and DO NOT close the toilet lid when flushing then they wash their hands… WELLL they’ve got germs! Now they go eat and say are sharing finger food with someone else, do you see where this is going? They’ve just spread any of their bathroom germs on to whatever food they are sharing!

Scenario 2: You’re at the gym you’re using your phone for music and or using your iPod/mp3 player with some earbuds. You don’t really know how well the machines you are using are wiped down let alone if someone even did wipe them down and maybe you’re in a rush so you don’t wipe them down. Now you go home and shower. You’ve touched your phone that you were using at the gym where it may not have been sanitized properly, what if the person before you was sick? Well, I hope you clean that phone or now you’re going to be sick. What about those earbuds? Do you sweat when you’re at the gym? Then you touch the earbuds with your dirty hands and reuse them the next time? Well you could be causing bacteria to manifest in the skin of your ears!

Now I think you see my point. I could go on and on about this because I overthink everything and I am a huge germaphobe. When I go to the food store I have always wiped the cart down and I use my phone as my list. Lately when I get home I even wipe the items down. Since I have had PhoneSoap3 I sanitize my phone as soon as I walk in the door, by the time I am done with the groceries my phone is done and germs are killed. Learn more.

What items fit inside PhoneSoap3?

Well anything you can fit inside the 6.8in x 3.74in alcove! I put everything in there from my credit cards, wedding rings, iPod, earbuds, even my keys! Anything small enough for the alcove and that the lid shuts with the “lightning bolt” still lit you can easily clean. If you go with the PhoneSoap Home then, of course, you can do so much more!

Phone Soap, Electronic, Sanitize your Phone, Kill Germs, germaphobe, product, stay clean, PhoneSoap3

Can it be customized?

Yes it can be customized. You choose your color and if you’d like you can even add an image! Perfect whether it’s going to be a gift or for yourself!

PhoneSoap3 Price?

This particular model runs at $79.95, this is the lowest end as it has the least features since it is not very large and it cannot be wireless. If you are one of my subscribers I will be giving you a 10% off coupon that can be applied to any PhoneSoap order.

My Rating for PhoneSoap3

Alright I am a bit biased here because I am a germaphobe and I feel like this product is god’s gift to the world! I rate PhoneSoap3 5 out of 5 this seriously is the greatest product! If I had to nit-pick at all it would be that I wish it were bigger but that’s okay because eventually, I’ll get the PhoneSoap Home

Want to see their other products? Checkout PhoneSoaps product page!

Have you heard of the PhoneSoap brand? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

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  • This sounds right up my street. I’m a bit of a germaphobe too and it’s difficult to properly clean your phone since you have to be so careful what you use. This sounds like a good investment, especially for peace of mind.

    • Yes it definitely is, I honestly use mine multiple times a day. I guess I’m a little crazy 😜

  • Wow! I haven’t ever heard of Pinesoap before. That sounds like an incredible product! Thanks for sharing it!

  • I had no idea that something like this existed. That is wild. Thank you for sharing. I need to check this out asap!

    • I know it’s crazy! When I came across it the very first time I was stunned too!

  • Wow, this is very useful especially during this pandemic period . I had never heard of PhoneSoap will definitely check it out ASAP! Thank you for sharing. Have a great day 🙂

  • This seems like a really cool device. I haven’t really heard anything of the sort before. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!!

    Em x

  • Wow! Never heard of this… but being slightly germaphobic myself, even before the pandemic, this is right up my alley!

  • Interesting product and certainly meeting a need, as you outlined in your scenarios. Thanks for the post and suggestion for the product.

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