Pedestal Sink Storage Cabinet

Pedestal Sink Storage Cabinet, Pedestal Sink Storage, Organizing small spaces, Half Bath Storage, life is homemade

Perfect for organizing small spaces, so make the most of your half bath with a pedestal sink storage cabinet!

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As you already know I live in a townhouse, I don’t completely hate my home but it does lack on space and storage. The only bathroom downstairs is a tiny half bath located within my laundry room (more like a laundry closet) behind a thin pocket door. The bathroom is a little over 6ftx3ft. It is normal to have your half bath be small especially considering it’s a townhouse. 

Now, something I’ll never understand is, who seriously wants a pedestal sink? I mean we don’t live in old times where a builder can’t get a deal on an inexpensive vanity/sink combo. What I am trying to get at is even though my house is only 5 years old and we were able to pick options, never do they offer anything besides a pedestal sink for the half bath. Why? Is it so hard to offer it as an option and make the homeowner pay a little extra for what they want? That drives me nuts. If you are a girl you understand where I am coming from. First off where do you put extra toilet paper? Where do the feminine products go? What about cleaners or other popular bathroom items? The list goes on!

This is where a pedestal sink storage cabinet comes in handy! I may have mentioned in a previous post that I am a researcher. I almost always do my homework. As soon as I knew I had to deal with a pedestal sink I scoured the internet till I found this amazing product! There are other products out there for half bath storage or other kinds of pedestal sink storage but I really wanted something that I could sort of hide everything in an enclosed space. The particular one from my photos is no longer available but I will link similar products throughout and at the end.

Pedestal Sink Storage Cabinet, Pedestal Sink Storage, Organizing small spaces, Half Bath Storage, life is homemade

Do pedestal sink storage cabinets come pre assembled?

No, most cheaper furniture items you will need to build yourself. Don’t be worried though because I am not super handy but any furnature in our house that needed assembly I did by my self. My husband doesn’t have patience and as long as you stick to the directions, it will be fine!

What colors do the pedestal sink storage cabinets come in?

Most of the time you will find white, I have seen some white with gray but have not come across one fully gray one. At the time I purchased they only had espresso which I was happy with because it matched my laundry cabinets, now you cannot find a normal wood tone.

Are these cabinets free standing?

Yes they are free standing, though if you are worried about your child climbing I would suggest purchasing extra hardware to adhere to the wall. My cabinet is pretty sturdy but I am pretty sure the newer styles may not be fully made of real wood.

Where did you get yours?

Mine is from home depot but as I stated earlier this particular model is no longer available. Click here to see the discontinued listing,

Do the pedestal sink storage cabinets have stone countertops?

No, if you are looking at my photos I wanted a different look so I added contact paper to the top to change the look a little bit. You can buy different contact paper styles at amazon but if you like mine click here.

Pedestal Sink Storage Cabinet, Pedestal Sink Storage, Organizing small spaces, Half Bath Storage, life is homemade

Are the cabinets expensive?

That is hard to answer, everyone’s view on expensive is different. You can find them ranging from $50 and up. If you’re interested in the cheapest option click here.

What would you rate these pedestal sink storage cabinets?

I like mine a lot! It is a very nice piece and it does exactly what I need. I would say I would give it a 4.5. I cut down a half star because I feel although I don’t mind the color I would have rather had a white at the time and I also think it’s a tiny bit weird that it doesn’t come fully up to the bottom of the sink. This particular model can be adjusted with the height by added pieces to the legs but it was too high by doing that. This model was great for my small space and most of them are around the same size. Below I have linked some very similar products.

Do you have a pedestal sink? Comment below what kind of storage do you use!

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  • That is a great idea for a pedestal sink. I bought an “over the toilet” cabinet Instead and hung that up for storage. But I still have the problem of no good place to put soap. I use a pump bottle soap dispenser on the sink, which slips down into the bowl all the time! Because there is not a flat surface for it to stay on, I would have to add a shelf next to the sink to put soap on.

    • I totaly get it! I really dislike pedestal sinks! I wish they had given a better option but the caninet is really helpful!

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