Bug Bite Thing

Bug Bite Thing, bug bite suction tool, itchy bug bites, small but mighty, insect bite relief

A small but mighty bug bite suction tool for that insect bite relief you’ve always wanted!

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You may remember my post a few weeks back Home Remedies For Mosquito Bites, in that post I recommended Bug Bite Thing. I gave a brief overview of the product and today I will be reviewing the bug bite suction tool in detail.

I live in Florida and if you know much about the sunshine state you know that it sure is buggy here! There was one summer I actually made it my mission to find natural bug repellants and insect bite relief. I mean really we all get those itchy bug bites at some point! I know I do and I know there are many people out there who are like moths to a flame! When it comes to bugs you are like a big juicy burger to them. I honestly couldn’t take the itch anymore and I get some serious welts! I went to CVS to find some sort of relief. I came across Bug Bite Thing and it was like angels calling down when I saw it, I was immediately intrigued and I had to try it!

What is the Bug Bite Thing?

As I briefly explained in a past post it is a suction tool that removes the venom/saliva that is trapped under the skin. When used properly Bug Bite Thing helps to alleviate common bug bite symptoms such as itching, swelling, and stinging where the insect has bitten or stung you. When the irritant is removed from your body you will no longer feel the uncomfortable symptoms. Using topical ointments and creams don’t solve the problem they only mask it.

How do you use Bug Bite Thing?

  • Start with Bug Bite Thing cap facing downward and with the handle pushed all the way down.
  • Then place the tool over your bite or sting and slowly pull upwards on the handles until you feel a slight pull (this should not hurt).
  • Keep your hold on the handles for 10-20 seconds (hold position in place do not push up and down).
  • Push the handles back down before removing from your skin (don’t just pull off of skin). 
  • Repeat the above steps on each bite until you no longer feel symptoms.

*Keep in mind that you may not see salvia/venom being removed but you will feel the difference and your symptoms should subside. 

*If your symptoms return hours or the next day that means you did not fully remove the irritants and should repeat applying suction.

*Bug Bite Thing believes in their product and if you are experiencing any issues Contact Them and customer service will help you troubleshoot.

Video Provided by Bug Bite Thing

Bug Bite Thing FAQ

How does it work?

Bug Bite Thing is a suction tool and when you suction the bite or sting you are extracting the irritant that makes you have symptoms. When used properly your symptoms should go away because you are taking the venom/saliva that’s trapped under your skin out which in turn relieves your symptoms.

Do you need batteries?

Definitely not the device is a simple small and mighty little suction tool that is completely reusable and washable. You control the amount of suction you apply.

What types of insect bites and stings does this work on?

Mosquitoes, Wasps, Ants, Bees, and other bugs that leave any venom/ saliva behind. The suction is also great at removing thorns, splinters, and bee stingers. Of course, if you are having a severe allergic reaction you should seek medical help immediately.

Bug Bite Thing, bug bite suction tool, itchy bug bites, small but mighty, insect bite relief
Bug Bite Thing, bug bite suction tool, itchy bug bites, small but mighty, insect bite relief

How quickly do you have to use Bug Bite Thing after an insect bite or sting?

The sooner the better. The longer the irritant stays under your skin the more time you have a chance to develop symptoms. They recommend once you notice the bite or sting to use bug bite thing as soon as possible. Make sure to always keep it handy

Is it painful?

No, it should never be painful. Since it is a manual tool and you control the suction (how high you pull up the handles) and the duration (how long you are holding bug bite thing in place after pulling the handles up) you should never feel pain.

How do you get a good suction?

Test it on the inside of your palm to make sure it is functioning correctly. Depending on the area of use will depend on how much of a suction you will get. If you are using over body hair, wet the area first then apply the tool. If you’re using it on a small bite make sure to reverse the cap for the small side of the suction tool. 

Bug Bite Thing, bug bite suction tool, itchy bug bites, small but mighty, insect bite relief

How do you release the suction?

Press the handles down to release the suction. Bug Bite Thing is designed not to allow irritants to be pushed back into the skin. Using it properly will ensure you are getting the insect bite relief you need and prevent the cap from coming off and making marks. Do not just pull off make sure you are pushing the handles down after 10-20 seconds of suction.

How do you know if it worked?

Once the discomfort of itchy bug bites and stings has gone away you know it has worked.

Where does the venom/saliva go once it is removed?

The venom/saliva goes into the removable end cap part of the tool, which you can be taken off and washed/sanitized between uses.

Bug Bite Thing, bug bite suction tool, itchy bug bites, small but mighty, insect bite relief

Why can’t you see the removed irritant?

Mosquitoes have such a little bit of saliva that you will not see it with the naked eye. You may not see anything come out but Bug Bite Thing is a small but mighty and you will feel the difference as your symptoms subside and swelling goes down. Other insects like wasps, bees, and ants you may see more venom.

Can you use it on children?

Of course! The best thing about Bug Bite Thing is that has no ingredients so it is safe for everyone in your family to use. Please note that you control the amount of suction and the time, children or people with sensitive skin should require less suction since their skin is thinner. The tool has small removable parts for easy cleaning but it should always be used under adult supervision.

Can it be used on the face?

Since your face and neck are sensitive areas Bug Bite Thing does not suggest using it on the face or neck. When used on sensitive areas you are at greater risk for marks. 

Bug Bite Thing, bug bite suction tool, itchy bug bites, small but mighty, insect bite relief

Will it create a ‘hickey’ or mark?

You are in control of the suction and If marks are being left, that means too much suction/duration was used on that area. Some parts of the body have thinner skin, so they don’t need as much suction and duration. On sensitive areas or children, use the tool at half strength by not pulling the handles up as far or decrease the duration to 5-10 seconds to start. You can always start small and work your way up.

My Final Thoughts

I absolutely love Bug Bite Thing, I think there are way too many chemicals on the market that can treat the same issues but not nearly as well as this little tool. I love that you can wash it and reuse it so you never have to worry about wasting your money on something that is disposable, expensive, or may expire. Another great feature is that it has other uses besides bug bites and I find that to be really unique. How often do you find a small product with multiple uses! Bug Bite Thing gets 5 stars in my book!

Have you heard of Bug Bite Thing? Do you use harmful chemicals on your skin to treat insect bites? Let me know in the comments below.