Clutter-Free Wall Mounted Shoe Organizer

Wall Mounted Shoe Organizer, Organizing small spaces, Clutter Free, Wall Shoe Rack, mudroom, back door, garage

The perfect wall shoe rack that is exactly what you need for organizing small spaces!

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I am a neat freak! I absolutely hate stuff all over my floor. My home needs to be clutter-free or I will go nuts. Shoes all over the floor is a big fat no! This wall-mounted shoe organizer is exactly what everyone needs in their garage, mudroom, or back door area.

If you have been following me you’ve probably seen my post for My Favorite Space Saver For Shoes. In that post, I reviewed these awesome shoe slots that help organize your shoes inside of a space, via cabinet, closet, or cubby. Today I wanted to share a different shoe organizer which is absolutely great for those few pairs of shoes that always end up right by the door or for organizing small spaces.

As I mentioned a few times I live in a townhouse. My townhome is super cute but I grew up in a pretty good-sized home that had a huge basement. My childhood home had TONS of storage, so living in a home that’s much smaller with barely any storage space is tricky. Don’t get me wrong this townhouse is a great starter home or empty nester home but the builders didn’t think about storage, like could you have made it at least 2000 square feet, please! I have learned to be crafty on maximizing the space as best as I can but sometimes you need to buy nifty products that help do the job.

Wall Mounted Shoe Organizer, Organizing small spaces, Clutter Free, Wall Shoe Rack, mudroom, back door, garage

Why buy a wall mounted shoe organizer?

This shoe rack is great because it can be hung on any wall anywhere and help keep that shoe clutter to a minimum. Even though the shoe slots product from my other post is also a great product I needed something by my back door. I found that when we come in from the back door and don’t have hands we tend to just flick the shoes off right then and there. That’s okay for a little while but what happens when you put the shoes away and then company comes over and they do that? That’s why I thought it would be smart to have this wall-mounted shoe organizer by the back door to put everyday shoes or company’s shoes on it since I like my floor to stay clean and clutter-free. It really has helped me since my laundry room and back door are together. It is very very tight in my tiny little laundry room and it was so frustrating when there would be shoes sitting there while I am trying to fold laundry! My husband usually comes and goes out of the back door and would always keep his work shoes on the matt. I don’t mind that but then we would have someone over and more shoes pile up. I just couldn’t stand it any longer and had to find something to declutter the pile of shoes!

Wall Mounted Shoe Organizer, Organizing small spaces, Clutter Free, Wall Shoe Rack, mudroom, back door, garage

What’s so great about this particular wall mounted shoe organizer?

For starters, it’s not very big. On the wall, it takes up 26 inches from top to bottom, 17 inches from side to side, and is only about 5 inches deep. My particular model allows you to store 4 pairs of shoes but I have seen other brands that make them longer to hold 6 pairs all in one piece or you can purchase a double from the mDeisgn company like the ones I’ve included in this post. As you can see from my photos it can hold men’s shoes with no problem. The wall-mounted shoe organizer comes with instructions and hardware to help you assemble and adhere to the wall properly. The shoe rack is made of strong steel wire and it has a durable rust-resistant finish. It comes in 3 colors, graphite (the color from my photos), bronze, and satin. It is budget-friendly available on amazing for $25.99.

What do I rate the wall mounted shoe organizer?

I have had this for a year and I honestly can say I would miss it if it broke so 4.5 is my rating. I’ve knocked off a half of a point because it is ever so slightly loose but besides a little bit of loose construction, I really love it.