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Linen Storage Products, linen storage, towel tower, Wall mounted towel rack, organizing small spaces, linen closet, free standing, life is homemade

The perfect solutions when there’s no linen closet in sight!

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Alright, I lied I have a linen closet but mine isn’t in the master bedroom so it makes it pretty inconvenient to grab a towel nearby. I have found some awesome linen storage product solutions that will substitute your linen closet needs!

Another reason why I don’t use my actual linen closet for my towels is that I have too much stuff. Now don’t take that the wrong way, I just live in a small townhome with limited storage space so organizing small spaces has basically taken over my life. I have learned ways to stay sane and what products you need to have in order to have a neat and tidy home. I wasn’t kidding though I do have a lot of stuff it’s only because I have so much paper/crafting stuff and limited places to store such items. I also really hate having to leave the master bedroom to grab a towel and I’m not going to lie once in a while I will be mid-shower and have totally forgotten to grab a towel! Yikes!!! So then I would need to go through my upstairs hallway soaking wet and nude to get one? I don’t think so!!

What are the magical linen storage products?

Well, they aren’t magical but they sure do help keep your towels and other linens more organized. I will be discussing two different products today one is a free-standing tower which could easily be used for other things but it is now my towel tower! The second product is for the crazy people who are just like me and forget to grab a towel, a wall-mounted towel rack. Both are equally helpful in my life and I honestly don’t know why I didn’t purchase these linen storage products sooner!

The Towel Tower

Alright, it’s not specifically for towels and can easily be used to store other linens but it can be used in other spaces if need be. This is just a simple free-standing tower. I purchased mine from At Home (At Home is a store that’s sort of like home goods mixed with home depot but on steroids, basically this is an amazing store). I will link some products that are super similar to the free-standing tower I purchased. 

Linen Storage Products, linen storage, towel tower, Wall mounted towel rack, organizing small spaces, linen closet, free standing, life is homemade

As you can see from the photo I have plenty of space to store my towels. If you wanted you could add your sheets and take away a towel slot but I actually do keep my sheets in my linen closet. Now I know some people like to re-use their towels a second time, I on the other hand need to use a fresh towel so having plenty of space for towels is needed. Looking at the photo you can see that I have designated one slot just for the smaller towels. I have long hair so multiple size towels as a must which I am sure most women agree.

My rating for this free-standing towel tower is a 5. I love that this one is free-standing which makes it very easy to clean. I also really love how the bottom of each tier is flat and open making the towels look neat and easy to put away or grab. If I didn’t have this linen storage product I would have a ridiculously messy linen closet!

Wall Mounted Towel Rack

There are a lot of these around and you know what is funny about this purchase? This is not what I intended to use it for! My mom wanted unique wall mounted hooks to put her coffee cups on. She didn’t like the way it looked in her house so I decided to keep it because I have that tendency of forgetting my towel mid-shower. I’m not going to lie I had a handyman put it up for me (my husband isn’t super handy nor does he have the time or the tools). This particular towel rack is from amazon and though I wasn’t intending on keeping it this was a really great addition to my linen storage needs.

Linen Storage Products, linen storage, towel tower, Wall mounted towel rack, organizing small spaces, linen closet, free standing, life is homemade

As you can see there are four total slots one being a smaller slot for a hand towel and the rest are for big ones. I have this small space right between my shower door and mirror so I figured that was the perfect spot! I have to say it served me well since I have forgotten my towel quite a few times since I’ve added this to my bathroom. No more wet wood floor in the hallway!

My rating for this wall mounted towel rack is 4.5. Though I love the product I don’t love the way this particular product is mounted it probably needs a bit better screws but overall I really love it because it gives me those extra few towels literally in reach when I’m soaking wet!

If you struggle with limited storage for your linens I hope you have found this post helpful.

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